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Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is most often diagnosed with a simple 20 second in-office procedure to look inside the bladder, otherwise known as a cystoscopy. This is typically done after a patient sees blood in their urine or is found to have blood in a urine sample.

From there, patients can expect an outpatient procedure performed by Dr. Lacefield to remove the tumor and get a diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis has been made, Dr. Lacefield will work with you to make a personalized treatment plan based on the type and grade of bladder cancer. This can range from periodic cystoscopy in the office to BCG, immunotherapy placed in the bladder to treat cancer, to removal of part or all of the bladder.

Finally, once you have decided on a treatment course, Dr. Lacefield can arrange a cancer nurse to help facilitate your cancer journey.