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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Unsurprisingly, erectile dysfunction is one of the topics patients are most hesitant to discuss. While it depends on a man's age, the first course of action for treating this urological condition is to check testosterone levels. Once that has been done, there are four approved treatments.

These include:

(1): Oral medications similar to Viagra

(2): Self-injection therapy

(3): A vacuum device

(4): A penile implant

For penile implants, overtime almost all men will get to a point where this is the best treatment option. This is also the only option that will prevent loss of penile length.

Dr. Lacefield has extensive training and experience performing penile implants. He has performed hundreds of penile implants and was trained in residency by Dr. John Delk, one of the first physicians to perform implants in the United States.