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Elevated PSA

Elevated PSA

PSA is short for prostate-specific antigen. This is a test that measures the amount of PSA present in blood. Results that come back with elevated PSA levels could point toward an enlarged prostate, inflammation, infection, or prostate cancer.


The first step when meeting with Dr. Lacefield will be to review your family’s cancer history, which will help dictate whether more specific testing is needed, such as a MRI or biopsy. If Dr. Lacefield needs to take a prostate biopsy, this is typically done in the office, takes about five minutes, and patients can leave the office immediately after.


Some patients start with an MRI to identify areas of concern and include targeted biopsies done in an operating room.


Dr. Lacefield knows that elevated PSA is of great concern to many of his patients. He stays up to date with every guideline and uses best practices while still always listening to his patients wishes as his top priority.