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Once your family is complete, a vasectomy is the simplest and most effective choice for permanent birth control. While many men are concerned about how the procedure will affect them, Dr. Lacefield will answer any and all questions during a “Get to Know You Appointment.” 

Some common questions include: 

– Q: Will sex feel the same? 

– A: Everything will function and feel the same after a very short recovery time. 

– Q: Will this affect my testosterone levels?

– A: No, it will not. 

– Q: Why should I opt for a vasectomy over tubal ligation? 

– A: Let’s be honest: your partner has done the work with pregnancies already. A vasectomy is a short, in-office procedure with a local anesthetic, whereas tubal ligation requires general anesthesia in the operating room. 

– Q: Why should I choose a vasectomy over other forms of birth control? 

– A: Vasectomies have a less than 1 out of 2,000 chance of a resulting pregnancy, which is lower than any other form of birth control. 

The best part about getting a no scalpel vasectomy? The patient is able to walk out immediately after the 10-15 minute procedure.